Being a charity means that, unlike other organisations, your goals and objectives will not be centred on maximising profit. You may also have to comply with the rules of the Charity Commission and provide evidence to members and other stakeholders that all of the charity’s affairs are in order.

These special rules mean that charities have unique accounting requirements. At Ashby Berry Coulsons, we provide a broad range of services from our Scarborough office to charities of all types and in all sectors, including:

  • accounts prepared in accordance with the Charities’ Statement of Recommended Practices (SORP)
  • audit
  • employment taxes advice, including Benefit in Kind (BIK), redundancy and pensions
  • tax advice
  • VAT advice
  • advising on commercial activities
  • compliance with central and local government requirements and signing off reports as necessary

At Ashby Berry Coulsons, we are committed to helping charities do what they do best – helping others.

If you would like to know more about our accounts and audits for charities, please contact us.

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